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Monday, August 17, 2009

Annual "books I've read" post

A year ago I started keeping track of all the books I read in a year. So from August to July I keep track of the titles and authors that I read. If you scroll down a bit you'll find last year's post. The total for this year was 105, the exact same as last year. This surprised me. I really thought I'd read more over the past 12 months because I was laid up with my famous broken and dislocated ankle for what seemed like forever.

Anyway, here's this year's breakdown, in a quasi scientific manner:

- 16 of the 105 were non fiction. Since I'm generally a fiction reader, this seems like a large number until you understand that I was doing research for a non fiction children's book this year as well as facilitating a book group at the library where I work (I try to alternate fiction and NF).

- Last year's most read author was Nora Roberts. This year Nora tied with Jim Butcher with 9 each. Laurie R. King was very close with 8 titles read. I discovered Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden series last year (one of the perks of my profession) and had to catch up with the hero and cast of characters. Ditto with Laurie R. King, she writes the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series, which I adore.

- Though I often "graze" on poetry, I only read one collection all the way through. It was Billy Collins collection called Ballistics. I highly recommend anything Billy Collins writes. His poetry is very accessible, often lyrical, and always enjoyable and thought provoking.

- The most unusual book I read this year was Daily Log of a WW II B24 Pilot. It was my uncle Bob's log of his life during the waning years of WW II, lovingly transcribed and published by my Aunt Ruth. It really gave me a feel for the time, the physical and mental tests these young men were put through, and their deep love of country and family. Very appropriate when you live in a military town and are constantly reminded of the sacrifices made today.

- Other favorites that I read included Robert Crais, Laurell K. Hamilton, Eloisa James, and of course many many more.

How about you? Can you recommend any good reads to this book junkie?

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