My Ivory Tower

My name is Karin Huxman and I write romance for New Concepts Publishing. You can find my author page at I write a mix of time travel, contemporary, paranormal, and sf/fantasy and love every minute of it.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My (sort of) writing group

I host a writing group at the library where I work on the third Tuesday of each month. It's been a struggle to get folks to come. Sure they say they will when they pick up my flyer and talk to me about how they want to be a writer and wouldn't it be great to have the time to write. However, I'm sitting here in the meeting room...waiting. I've got two, sometimes three, writers who are "regulars". Okay, I knew it would be a stretch this month. December is busy after all, but me, I'd jump at a chance to take sometime for just me. It's a gift at times to just grant myself time to write. But one gal is out of town, she came by and told me last week, the same time she gleefully said she'd finished her very first novel in a month during November's NaNoWriMo. I was so pleased for her. The other regular hasn't missed yet, she truly seems inspired every month.

My boss is waiting to see if this use of my time is going to be worth while. Well, it is to me and at least two other people, just, apparently, not tonight. I'm giving it another 5 minutes, then I'll have to do some real, gulp, work for an hour.

Please, aren't there any writers out there?! I've got some great prompts. Hey...I've even got chocolate. :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

No NaNoWriMo this year

Well, I gave it a good start. But 10,554 words in I was sick for three days and, to tell the truth, that really short circuited my motivation. Plus I'm still working on my non fiction book and decided that had to be my writing priority.

My NaNo book was a story I'd started writing at Improv. My trashy vamp does not sparkle, she truly enjoys the hunt and her unlife. She's got a sense of humor, too. So I've got a non-sparkly vamp, a vamp going a little crazy, a murder on Cape Cod, and a little romance, too. And yes, I do intend to finish this book. Just not as quickly as I'd hoped.

To everyone who "won" at NaNoWriMo this year, I offer my hearty congratualtions. Look out for me next year!