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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I'm editing my pirate story today, the story that my agent and I decided I should rename though I will always think of it as my pirate story.

In this case, editing means cutting. Not just a few words here and there but pages of text. My purpose: to reshape the story to get rid of anything that doesn't move the romance forward. That means that my suspense element, which has unfortunately garnered the tag of "too coincidental" by all editors who commented on it, has got to go. I'm hoping for a tighter story that really focuses on my hero and heroine without too many distractions.

I enjoyed writing the suspense element into the story, but I guess I lost track of the romance when I did so. Romantic suspence is a sub genre that I love reading and had hoped to write. But I guess this won't be my break out novel. I can live with that.

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