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Thursday, March 13, 2008

It must be mid March. I saw the first robins of the year while walking the dog around the block, two all puffed up against the cold. Don't know why they're here yet, it snowed last night. Then I saw some gorgeous yellow crocuses peeping through in a neighbor's garden. Made me rush home to see if I had anything similar coming up in mine. Alas, nothing yet.

I've been told that Thursday is "list" day on blogs. That's as yet unsubstantiated but I thought a list would be a good thing to start today. Feel free to add to it in the comments section.

Okay, 5 Reasons to Read Romance Novels:
1. Romance writers create the best characters. People inhabit the pages of these novels who have hopes and dreams and flaws, they are real and you are on their side.
2. You know that though the hero and heroine are arguing on page twenty, that they'll have made up and fallen in love by the end. It's how they get from here to there that keeps you turning the pages.
3. Well written stories written in exotic locales can sweep you away from whatever doldrums you're currently stuck in.
4. You can get fantasy, sf, urban legends, werewolves, vampires, cowboys, you name it in a romance novel.
5. Romance novels are hopeful, they celebrate the power of love and don't let you down.

There are 5 just off the top of my head. Why do you read romance novels?


Unknown said...

I love your ivory tower with the dragon. And I didn't know Thursday is list day. Guess I'll have to make a list on my blog today.

There's so many reasons I love to read romance novels.

They give me hope. They make me fall in love all over. They take me on a road trip of emotions. To fall in love with a hunky hero. For adventure (I hope).

Anonymous said...

Hi, Karin -

Great blog site, girl. Hmmm, why do I read romances? I'm a sucker for a happy ending, I love visiting faraway places, I eat up the history in historical romances and it's great to see a hunky hero brought to his knees by love


Penelope Marzec said...

Romance novels are simply the best reading there is. :^)

Anonymous said...

Karin, wonderful blog, it's not Thursday, but can we pretend? A flu bug hit me ;) I read romances for the escape. Where else can I forget I have the flu and instead end up in a tropical setting or a mountain cabin. As a matter of fact, maybe that should be a designated prescription. Read two romance novels and call me in the morning :)

Anonymous said...

Super blog--love the dragon on the tower.
Sapphire Phelan