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Thursday, July 24, 2008


I love this time of year. The sun is up early encouraging me to do the same. The sky stays light late into the evening beckoning me to sit outside and enjoy the cooler air and ponder the universe. The heat in the middle of the day says "siesta time" and I listen too often. In short, it can be darned hard for me to sit in front of the computer and work. In a way it was easier when my kids were smaller and I had to plan my time better. But these days my time is pretty much my own when I'm not at my paying job. Instead of writing I find myself doing a lot of reading these days, and walking the dog, and gardening, and hanging out laundry. In short, almost everything but sitting in the chair and pounding out pages. Instead of daily pages I get weekly pages done. I tell myself it's okay, I'm "filling the well," but often end the day feeling like I wasted it as far as writing went. Living in a gorgeous place is part of the difficulty, of course. People come here to vacation, to marvel over what greets me every morning. I tell ya, Pikes Peak is a major distraction. I look out the window and it draws the eye and I want to go outside and be a part of the world instead of sitting inside writing about it.

I'm not complaining, I know I'll get back to a regular writing schedule again. It is a matter of will power. Not only that, the story will not be denied for long. I'll wake up one morning and be beckoned to the computer instead of outside. My story will take me by the hand and insist that I write it. I love it when that happens. Until then I'll putter and walk and read. I'll fill my creative well with sensory images that will make my muse swoon and my story gasp with delight when I finally come back from my summer writing doldrums. For now, I think I'll find a glass of iced tea and a spot in the shade of the aspen outside along with a book.

What about you? How do you cope with summer and all that tempts you away from what you should be doing?


Anonymous said...

Hey Karin,

I cope with summer and NOT writing all that much by looking forward to the fall once school starts. Now, mind you, my kids are both in college but there is something about the summer being time off for me too that keeps me from a daily grind. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Karin!

Yes, summer can be challenging! I'm trying to stick with a minimum of 2 pages per day. Often once I get going, it ends up to be more than that. Funny how sometimes it just takes a little nudge to get you going, to open that document on your computer, to read the last paragraph you wrote, and then wham, the flood gates open and the words appear and the page numbers increase. Progress! :)

Karin Huxman - Romance Author said...

Hi Lori,
There is somthing about the change of seasons that gets me going again. I'm glad it's not just me! - Karin

Karin Huxman - Romance Author said...

Hi Lana,

Yes, once I'm in the zone I just keep going until some internal timer says to stop for a while. Just hard getting it going right now. Sometimes I'll take my alpha smart to a cooler corner of the house and play with a scene or something new just to feel like I've written something. LOL

Donnell Ann Bell said...

Hi, Karin, I don't know what to tell you. When you live in God's country you just have to get outside and enjoy it. Nighttime is a wonderful time to sit at my computer with the crickets singing and give into the muse. Daylight, too much green and mountains, you really have to enjoy!

Anonymous said...

i don't think i cope. i just hear the alarm and know that i have too many people counting on me in all aspects of my life... so i just get up and go to work and take care of everyone. argh.

your loving brother (guess which one)

Karin Huxman - Romance Author said...

Yeah, I know who you are lil bro. :) It's tough to be the reliable one, not many rest breaks. Big hugs!