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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New graduate...

My daughter, Kristin, graduated from the University of Northern Colorado last Saturday with a BA in Art. It was a cold and blustery day in Greeley, CO where they held the ceremony in the outside stadium. The College of Visual and Performing Arts was the sixth and final college to process into the stadium. The wind started blowing at gale force strength as the governor's wife began her remarks. I think about 10 people were holding down the poles that held the tent over the digniataries and guests. It was COLD. Graduating student's hats were flying before they even started handing out diplomas. I don't think I saw any snow, but the wind was blowing too hard to see very well. They managed to hand out individual diplomas, actually the diploma covers since the real diplomas won't be ready until June, to each student in the first, and largest college (the College of Education), then the president of the college told everyone who had yet to come forward to stand. She then proceded to do a mass blessing with all the rights and priviledges pertaining thereto, and sent everyone home before we all blew south to Denver! Wowie kazowie! What a day!

Then it took us at least an hour to find our graduate since she'd given her cell phone to her younger sister. At least I was able to find a warm spot for my parents to wait for the car. They travelled all the way from Massachusetts to witness this event. We had a party to celebrate later that night after we'd all had a chance to warm up and recuperate. The graduate is in the red shirt. I'm next to her in black. My husband, Jay, is on the far left, then our Katie. Son Steve, his wife Michelle, and our grandson Garin round out the shot.


Donnell Ann Bell said...

Congratulations Ms. Huxman on your graduation, and to Mrs. Huxman your family is beautiful ;)

Karin Huxman - Romance Author said...

Thanks, Donnell!